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House Chantris is a Noble House of Amber in the world of Road To Amber, a MU* based on Roger Zelazny's Amber books. This page includes an overview that can also be found on the main Road To Amber wiki about noble houses See: Noble Families.


House Chantris is one of 4 major Duchies in Amber. Its crest is a green shield bearing a golden eagle.


Chantris is a house of scholars, known for its intellectual pursuits and patronage of music. On the practical end, Chantris has their hands in the length and breadth of the shipbuilding business - Chantris wood goes to Chantris mills and Chantris shipyards where they are worked on by Chantris shipwrights. There is some rivalry as to whether the finest ships on the sea are made in Chantris or Minos.

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Like most of the great houses, Chantris is as old as Amber, and its tradition of scholarship extends back to those roots.


The magic of Chantris is the magic of language, of words upon the wind. Their gifts include great understanding and communication, but are also rumored to include words of dark power.

Many members of the house are reluctant to speak of these things.


House Solaris is its own entity, but is closely related to and allied with Chantris. They are descended from Otto, cousin of Duke Harold, who was created first Baron Chantris roughly 1,000 years ago.


House Karanis is a small House that spun off of Chantris. It still maintains close ties of blood and alliance with that great house. Lara Karanis is acting Baroness.

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