Almyra, or at least that's the name she's taken since she cannot remember her past, has been wandering the Shadows here over the last several months, up to a year almost. Her past has come to her in bits and pieces, but nothing significant enough to know what anyone would know of themselves - their name, their history, their family.

In truth, she is the illegitimate daughter of a Feldane who later went off to fall in love with a Riverborn and had children with her in Tane (PC half-sister: Yami), Her mother was one Almyra Karanis, a distant cousin with some small talent in glass-making.

When Zylphia was a child, a passing Pathi Tester saw something in the young girl, and with her mother's permission, would take her off to Pathi to train as one of the Mages there.

She would show no talent with glass like her mother, her path to take her through the Academy of Brass to be trained as one of the Red Dragons. With the arrival of the Black Road, her training shifted towards becoming one of the Black Dragons.

At some point during the invasion of the Black Road in Pathi, Zylphia was injured, and her memory lost. The only thing she recalled, was the name of 'Almyra', though she knew enough that it was not /her/ name, but perhaps important to her, so she took it as her own.

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