Corbin Chantris is the son of Seius Chantris, the twin brother of Barrymore Chantris and younger brother of Lysias Chantris. In his youth, he was a big drinker, a big hunter, a big party man and a gifted poet. He joined Princess Deirdre's Moon Court and, through persistence and applied poetry, managed to catch the Princess of the Moon for one glorious summer. This tryst resulted in his dearly beloved son Liam who he tried to teach important lessons in grammar, more grammar, sitting up properly when the family is around, and always wearing pants.

Now Corbin has drifted into late middle age where he has blossomed into a combination of quiet alcoholic and attack grammarian. His age has solidified his position on grammar (prescriptive vs. descriptive), the organization of dictionaries, the proper usage of terms, and the various tortures and torments applied to those who would break the rules of grammar in print, sometimes involving hot pincers. His current work is a lengthy Thari grammar called A Guide to Thari Modern Usage (or the AGTMU) that he fosters on anyone who comes into his house. It is a shot across the bow at the other, older Chantrises who wish to get into drunken grammar arguments with him.

Liam avoids reading the AGTMU claiming he is too busy and has to go wash his hair.

Corbin Chantris lives in a small house in the countryside named "Peppin Cottage." It has a small staff and a dog named Harold the size of a small, mobile, hairy shack. He worries that his son isn't dating anyone and is getting irate about the lack of grandchildren.

Note: Corbin Chantris is based almost entirely on the character of Bernard from Black Books. Look it up on YouTube.

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