Crispin Omaggio Karanis

Maestro and master craftsman, Crispin is a true follower of his blood and his upbringing. Born of the Chantris minor line of Karanis and raised in Montevalno, he can be an exacting artisan and one gifted with a golden voice.

Over the past couple centuries, Crispin has split his time equally between Amber and Montevalno. His mother was Montevalnan, a minor noble who was absolutely taken by his father's glassworks. As such, Crispin has enjoyed the benefits of a Mons education, and the apprenticeship of Karanis glasscrafters.

He disappeared completely two decades ago, having written himself into a book that was shelved before it could be read by its intended recipient. Upon being freed, he has returned to Amber, right in the midst of some very interesting times indeed.

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