Cyrus - Inactive

Cyrus is the second son of Parris, making him the fourth child. He was put in charge of Chantris's merchant fleet at a relatively young age and his parents were, frankly, glad to have him out of the house for extended periods. Due to the prolonged absence of his older brother, Lorenzo, and Dulcinea's marriage contract to Errol Feldane, he was named House heir. Upon his father's demise, he became House Lord.

He served in the Amber navy for several decades, was stationed off the coast of Antika for a while and is somewhere in the vicinity of 140 years old as Amber measures time.

He is married to Captain Dinah Discordia of Minos.

Rumors that Cyrus runs an extensive and lucrative smuggling operation throughout the Golden Circle are scurrilous. And true.

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