Duchess Dinah of Chantris

Dinah married into Chantris, becoming the wife of Cyrus after a rather eventful five-decade long courtship. Upon Parris's death she became Duchess Chantris, which she still seems to be trying to wrap her head around. Originally from Manzanil, a port of Minos, some of the more tightly-laced family members whisper that she's little more than a damned pirate. The rumors, of course, are very much true. She serves as Ambassador to Amber from the sailing kingdom, as well as Admiral of the Fleet. Oh, and she just also happens to be the daughter of Prince Caine of Amber, if the other rumors have any bit of truth to them.

Despite this, the woman's love for music is no hidden thing. She can often be found, when in the House, with an instrument of some sort in hand. Her favorite, however, seems to be a Solaris lute, gifted to her by Beatrice. Her private, Minosian ship is The Golden Apple, a rather large and well-armed frigate. She does, however, also lay claim to a Chantris-built ship, a small sloop aptly named Cacophony.

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