Erika is the daughter of two of the lesser known members of house Chantris, Kristen and William, the latter having married into the family. Erika is also the granddaughter of James Chantris.

She's fairly young relatively, just a few years short of 50. Despite the decades of life, she seems to be a fairly naive and innocent person, known to blush at the drop of a hat. She's also shy, occasionally to a fault. Her naivete is likely to get her into trouble, trusting the wrong person at the wrong time, but she doesn't seem to realize this.

She's spent the last few decades away from Amber, so she's fairly unknown to most members of the house. If asked, she'll explain she's spent the time away traveling and learning, the two things that seem to be her passions in life. In fact, if a library, especially in shadow, is mentioned, Erika forgets all about being shy and polite. She has been initiated in the way of all Chantrises, though she doesn't really talk about it much.

Since returning to Amber, she's spoken of wanting to go in search of books or information to add to the Chantris library. Since she admits to being useless in a fight, companions on these journeys would no doubt be welcome. More, she wastes no time in offering her services to anyone who needs a brainiac to go with them on an adventure.

If pressed, she'll admit to being an alchemist and an illusionist along with a librarian, though they are secondary to her skill with books.

For a while she was part of the crew of the Starchaser, though in recent days has been avoiding the docks. Who knows why! She apparently has a servant or some such, one who beds down outside her room; a Jadean named Hom.

Even more recently, she's acquired a puppy. A pirate puppy, named the Lady Grace by Liam. A cute furball who wears a collar with black and pink pirate skulls.

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