Imre Ulani

Long ago there was a handsome man of Chantris who found himself a castaway … and he didn't want to go back…

Imre-Ulani is the daughter of Nathan of Chantris and Eloni of Tseela, which is a medium-sized and peaceful island in Sukho. She grew up learning little of Amber but well content in her life. Her father's sense of adventure wasn't perfectly echoed in her, but she was frequently his accomplice in exploration. Sadly, however both her parents were taken from her before she reached womanhood.

One might suspect that their absence led to some of her enthusiasm to remain active and involved in matters around her. In the years that followed she sat not only at the feet of the History-Tellers on the island, but also frequently assisted the Healers and stood as translator for the Chief. Anything, perhaps, to prevent going home to an empty house.

Eventually, a ship from Amber carrying her Chantris cousins arrived. Nathan's whereabouts had been guessed on and, since they were passing by, a visit seemed appropriate. Upon learning of his death and his daughter, Cyrus and Beatrice invited Imre to return to Amber with them. Imre agreed, well reassured by the promises that she could return whenever she wished.

She has been in Amber for several months now and, much as before, seems to seek to remain busy. She volunteers at the Mandrake Hospital, slowly learning the arts of healing and is often seen at the Mead Hall just watching all the life and activity.

As of yet, her open friendliness and curiosity has only been minorly tempered by her experiences in Amber.

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