Formative Years

Daughter of Alun of Tanus, a Tanus princess and often known as the Alun River and Edwin of Chantris, who was a sailor in the Chantris Navy. She is also the granddaughter of Meredith of House Mandrake. Her parent's marriage was one of convenience and not birthed in the annuals of romantic sonnets or songs. She was to be raised in Tanus, under her mother's direction until the time that her father would send for her to study in Amber.


Thirty years Katharina sailed under her father in the Chantris Army. During such times, she became acquainted with various people from Rebma and Minos. The sea is a mistress to many, but her siren's call never touched to the young woman's dutiful heart. It was only when the Arden Rangers were formed that she found her true calling.

With the formation of the Rangers in Arden, Katharina swore her arm and hands to the Warden. She has been in their service for nearly six years, since their first formation to fight against the Blight of the Black Road. During that time, she has worked in the capacity of ranger, linguist, and field medic to the men. Many evenings she can be found patrolling the woods.

Current Aspirations and Lifestyle

Yet some would imply her some wild child of the wood, she is still her mother's daughter. A creature that is tempered by duty. Her passions have been steered and cultivated in the Arts and leaving a bittersweet notation or footnote in the annuals of some tragic romance.

Musical Inspirations
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