Laura Chantris is the sister of the late Duke Chantris, Parris and the widow of the late Baron Solaris, her second cousin, Melchior. Her children include Godfrey, Beatrice, Earhart, Luitger, and others.

In her youth, Laura was a famous beauty, a member of the Sun Court, a musician and socialite. Her beauty now fading, she prefers to spend most of her time at the Solaris country estate, which she oversees as the dowager baroness, but hers is still a powerful will and presence, and many of the younger members of the family are still sent to "Her Ladyship," (as she is known to her children and other Solaris relatives) to learn the social graces, family tradition, and culture at her knee.

Laura is something of the classic social doyenne, her presentation perfect, her manners strictly correct. Yet she has a streak of realistic earthiness to her for all this, and one with a sense of humor. This is not a woman who would be shocked to hear of the depravities of the world, though it would awaken her fearsome displeasure if she were to find them in her drawing room.

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