One night, centuries ago, Lord Seius Chantris celebrated a particularly spectacular victory on the seas, and spent an inebriated night in the arms of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. The next morning, he and the woman shared an embarrassed breakfast, and then went their separate ways.

Several years later, a woman showed up on his door, with a small child in tow. A birthmark declared his parentage without a doubt, and Seius was unable to deny the child was his. The woman vanished again, never to be seen again, leaving Lysias to be raised by his somewhat reluctant father.

Lysias was a bit of a wild child, constantly in need of reprimands and reminders of proper noble behavior. No one was surprised when he ran off to sea and shipped out of Amber at an early age. He has recently returned, taking up quarters in the Alhambran embassy.

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