Younger sister of Taran, and like him raised between the Lyonesse and Solaris estates, Melina has recently come to Amber to settle, and has been made one of Beatrice's ladies-in-waiting as well as taking on house duties. Melina shows evidence for many of the chantris gifts, a love and a talent for books, speech and song. She is a balance of Solaris and Chantris qualities in her personality. She shares the strong moral fiber, and sense of duty of the Solarises but is not without a healthy dose of the chantris free spirit . She takes a keen interest in the politics of the realm as her Aunt Beatrice does . Unlike her relatives she has yet to show evidenc of interest in military service. she may owe her more bookish sensibilities to her cousin Pascal, though he to has done service in the Royal Navy.

It should be noted that inclinations and sensibilities aside that Melina's first duties are to family, justice, and truth and she pretty much equates them, particularly where her brother is concerned. She will take any duty into which she is pressed with relish for the good of family. such is the case with her recent studies of all aspects of horsemanship and animal breeding, which she has undertaken at her brother's request. She will generally try to see good in everyone, but is not stupid in terms of character particularly in cases where she feels family or values are being maligned or threatened.

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