Rian is the bastard son of Prince Caine and Joscelyn Chantris, an unplanned product of their dalliance in the decades after he lost his wife in childbirth. He was born in Minos and was raised by his mother until he was in his early teens. She was taciturn on the matter of family and the only clue to his true parentage was a dagger-shaped pendant she used to wear she gave him before she left Minos and returned to Amber.

After his mother's departure, Rian shifted his sense of family to a gang of hooligans in Cameron that he ran with for nearly a decade after which he became a sailor taking jobs on various ships in Minos for nearly a century and a half, occasionally captaining but often just working as an able bodied sailor. This ended with a mutiny in which he sided with the captain and, when they lost, he was marooned by the mutinous crew. He was rescued by a Chantris ship and though that met the Duke and Duchess at the time. Since then he went missing for more than half a decade.

Rian is not yet currently known to be a member of the house or a son of the Prince-Regent.

He has a miniature gryphon as an animal companion which is known as Keir.

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