Semyon Fredrikyovich Solaris

When Amber chose a new King for Kitezh centuries ago, Oberon sent a number of Amberites to that barbarous land - to help with the goal of modernizing Kitezh, but also to keep an eye on them in case of future uprisings. One of those observers was Friederich Solaris, younger brother of Baron Melchior and son of Otto Solaris. While in Kitezh, Friederich met and married a woman named Saskia, from the icy northern reaches. By the time Melchior died, Friederich had a son and no desire to return home to Amber.

Semyon has been to Amber before, though rarely. The summer he spent with Lady Laura at the country estate, trying to learn proper etiquette, is still spoken of by the older of the servants at that manor. He's lived nearly all his life in Kitezh, serving as a war-skald, bannerman, and soldier for that nation. With King Viktor's visit to Amber, Semyon came along, bearing his father's bones for proper burial.

He has a room at the Solaris townhouse, but he can more often be found amongst his countrymen at the mead hall.

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