Son of Solaris, son of Lyonesse, fallen Graal Knight and fallen Baron.

Son of Princess Clarine, High Lady of Benoic in Lyonesse, and Lord Earhardt Solaris, brother of Beatrice, Taran was known for being serious, courteous, chivalrous, and a member the Order of the Graal. Not yet a hundred years old, he was also named the Crown Advisor for matters pertaining to Lyonesse, credited by some with the rescue of the Graal and the return of it to Lyonesse.

After joining the Order of the Graal, Taran took on and overcame the challenges required to become the Red Knight of Lyonesse, that land's champion of war. In Amber affairs, he was named Baron Solaris, leapfrogging over his father Earhart, who was in ill health at the time. He did not live long in either of these roles, however, and died on the field of battle in Lyonesse.

He was also the elder brother of Melina and Lorana.

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