After spending twenty-three years in Cibola, Valentine is finally getting around to returning books he borrowed from Chantris libraries before he left. Mostly. He's a hedonist, which can be blamed on his Mandrake heritage, and a damn good craftsman, which can be proudly claimed by the Chantris side.

Strictly speaking, Valentine de'Mandrake is only half Chantris, and loosely affiliated with the House. In practice, he owes enough money to Cyrus that he's not going anywhere any time soon.

He's a good person to talk to if you want jewelry, things that glow in the dark, or a really impressive footstool. He's also good company for any adventure that's likely to involve a lot of running around and stabbing people, possibly right before running away very quickly. He is probably not the person you want to talk to if you're trying to conduct sober, long-term, detailed research projects. In a fit of Chantris loyalty, he has lately begun to try his hand as a shipwright, which cannot possibly end well.

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